Dust and Mist Collection

Build to Suit Dust/Mist Collection Systems

Cartridge Collectors

Choose cleaner air with Donaldson® Torit® advanced-technology cartridge dust collectors and a variety of filter media that conquer the challenges of most types of industrial dusts, including pharmaceutical, chemical, grain, bulk/powder, food, metal and others.

Bag Collectors

Donaldson® Torit® offers a complete line of dependable, rugged baghouse dust collectors including Cyclone, Downdraft Bench, RF, and Unimaster and many others to keep your operation running smoothly. Baghouse dust collectors have been used for industrial dust collection for over 50 years, providing a full range of solutions from nuisance dust to extremely heavy dust loads along with bin venting and product reclaim. The biggest advancement in dust collector bags is Dura-Life dust collector bag filters provide twice the bag life and lower maintenance costs. Dura-Life bag filter technology is standard in all Donaldson Torit baghouse dust collectors.

Torit PowerCore Collectors

Today’s streamlined and lean manufacturing facilities demand peak performance in the smallest spaces. Our new Torit® PowerCore™ dust collection technology from Donaldson® Torit® outperforms every traditional baghouse collector and does so in less space.

Fume Collectors

In welding operations, workers are in a daily contact with harmful weld fume particulate because weld fume is made up of 30 to 80 percent submicron-sized particles. That means that most of these particles are respirable (enter the lungs), which makes it critical to have reliable, high performance fume collectors, weld fume extraction and weld smoke filters that collect the fume before it reaches your welder’s breathing zone.

Mist Collectors

Uncollected coolant and machining oil mist can cause slippery floors and collect on machines, walls and ceilings, creating an unpleasant, high-maintenance working environment. We carry a broad range of smoke collectors, mist collectors, and mist filters that remove submicronic contaminants from the plant atmosphere.

Replacement Filters

Get cleaner air with advanced Donaldson Torit replacement cartridge, bag, and panel filters. Our Ultra-Web nanofiber replacement cartridge filters and Dura-Life “twice-the-life” replacement bag filters are engineered with proprietary, higher performance industrial air filter media that improves efficiency, saves energy and extends cartridge filter and bag filter life. Our Ultra-Web cartridge filters and Dura-Life bag filters are the “Cure for the Common Collector”, and they are available for Donaldson Torit AND most other popular brands of dust collectors.

We keep a large selection of replacement filters in stock at our facility in Chatham, Ontario. Contact us for more information.

Refurbished Equipment

Looking for a great price on slightly used Donaldson Torit dust collectors and accessories? We usually have used, refurbished, or demonstration units available for purchase.

Contact us for more information.