WayCool – Cool air, anywhere.

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The best portable evaporative cooler available.

  • Moves cool air further
  • Greater output
  • Smaller size
  • Lower operating cost – Less than 50¢ per day!

Keep customers & employees WayCool

  • High velocity, broad stream “area cools” facilities & work areas
  • Relieves employee heat stress
  • Minimizes down-time & improves productivity
  • Low purchase cost
  • Low energy consumption & cooling costs
  • Large, on-board water reservoirs for continuous use
  • Plug into standard 115V/15A circuit
  • Reliable

On hot days… WayCool can reduce temperatures by as much as 20ºF

Compared to portable air conditioners:

  • Less than half the price! 
  • Twice as energy efficient!

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